Canada is videogames | S03E13

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If you’ve lived in Canada for even just a few months, you’ve probably heard someone say something like, “Canada is hockey.” And while I heartily believe that’s true, there’s something else that Canada is that I think gets overlooked by the mainstream public: Canada is videogames.

With over 200 game studios in the country, we’re a pretty prolific nation when it comes to producing top-notch games. Look no further than BioWare’s recent release of Mass Effect 3 for clear evidence of that.

That’s the reason Scott and I asked Ramin Ostad and Matt Dykstra — two hosts from UserCreatedContent, Edmonton’s videogame podcast — to join us on this episode of the Unknown Studio to talk about the industry, trends in gaming, and the forthcoming Canadian Videogame Awards.

Here’s the show breakdown (be sure and subscribe to our show on iTunes):

0:00: Intro – “ah! ghosts!”
0:50: We’re going to try to not talk about movies… oh, wait.
14:55: Edmonton Story Slam Slam-off recap!
27:05: Uncharted 3: Clusterfuck
51:35: Elizabeth Johansson: Senate Candidate for the Evergreen Party
1:04:28: A conversation with the beautiful and talented Amy Shostak, artistic director for Rapid Fire Theatre
1:14:25: Canadian Videogame Awards – too legit to quit
1:24:27: The Fast 15 with Matt Dykstra
1:42:16: Denouement: Potholes

Click here to download the MP3 directly.


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