The homestretch: here comes the sun

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Some days, I feel like at least one of the two dogs depicted in the photo above. You know, you’re going flat-out, someone’s attached a muzzle to your face and you’re just trying to make it across the finish line. But who am I to complain? Everyone’s busy. This isn’t a unique or interesting problem.

But it is a suitable lead-in for the post I’m about to unfurl.

Give ‘er

The Unknown Studio is in the homestretch of its third season. On Sunday night, we recorded our 13th episode of the season, with videogame podcast luminaries Matthew Dykstra and Ramin Ostad (both from UserCreatedContent). Part of our forthcoming show, which should come out Wednesday sometime, are several outstanding segments with such brilliant Edmontonians as Omar Mouallem and Amy Shostak. To put it succinctly, we’re fucking crushing it, friends.

And in the process of crushing it — right up until our season finale at the end of June — we have a few announcements to make. Well, one anyway…

How to end a season (in a few months)

We’ve done a grand total of two season finales on the podcast, and we tend not to make a huge deal out of them. We mostly say goodbye and then reconvene in the fall. Most of your probably fail to notice our absence, since you’re all out of your minds from sunstroke in July and August.

Scott and I wanted to end our season differently this year, and we want to get you, our fans, involved. Our season finale this year will be recorded live, before an audience. We’re very close to securing a venue, and deciding on a day. You should probably just book off the whole last week of June to be safe.

We’ll be shoring up guests, and maybe even some kind of musical act. But rest assured: it will be entertaining. Hell, even if the whole thing bombs and you witness it, you can say you were there. Maybe we’ll even have T-shirts made*!

What we need now is input and ideas. You probably have both (and actually, huge shout-out to one of our super fans Cory for his wise suggestions when I saw him at Story Slam last week). We want them. We will pay you nothing for them. But we’ll drop your name like the Beastie Boys drop science. Which is to say, fairly often and rather vigorously.

We’ll be using this here website to share some of our plans with you, and give you a bit of an idea of the kind of planning that goes into a show — although a live show will be quite a bit different from our regular recording process. Still, watch this space, and share your thoughts!

*There will almost certainly NOT be T-shirts.

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