The Unknown Studio vs. Angelina Jolie

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Since before Christmas, things have been a little bit dodgy here at the Unknown Studio. The server this lovely podcast and blog lives on was hacked… possibly by Angelina Jolie’s character from Hackers — we haven’t been able to confirm or deny this allegation. But the result was that several people who like reading this website had to tell us there was a problem we needed to fix.

And after a series of attempts to isolate the problem, we think we have it solved… for now.

We say “for now” because all of this can change. For all we know “Acid Burn” aka Kate Libby aka Angelina Jolie* might strike again. Which is, frankly, flattering to us. I mean, the Unknown Studio is a big enough deal that someone wanted to muzzle us. Someone who is possibly Angelina Jolie*.

We’re telling you all this because we wanted to apologize if the malicious code on our site negatively affected anyone visiting us. That absolutely was not our intention. Sorry if this messed up anyone’s computer!

If you see anything weird taking place on the site, let us know. You can always email theshow [at] theunknownstudio [dot] ca.

*But also, most certainly not.

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