FML, there’s no FML Friday today!

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I know that by this time today, you can always count on an FML Friday — a brief series of cheap laughs from yours truly — to help get you through the week. But you’re not going to get that this week. And rather than apologize for neglecting to blog — as my friend John Manning points out, you should never, ever do this — I’m going to provide you with a very short list of excuses for failing to compile an FML Friday this week:

  • Work — there’s too much of it
  • School work — there’s also too much of this
  • Preparations for a trip to Calgary to the Expo — a little of this this week as well
  • Saying so long to good friend — did a little of that yesterday
  • Ensuring the continued health of an old cat — a ton of this this week
  • Sleep — as usual, I didn’t get enough of this

So that’s been my week. And I’m one of those people who loathes saying “I’m so busy,” so rather than say that I thought I’d provide you with some evidence.

What’s keeping everyone else so busy these days?

Post image was borrowed from Dan Moyle’s Flickr, under Creative Commons license.

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