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A few months ago, Scott and I drank at a bar and tried to think of a clever way to cap off the third season of the Unknown Studio. The idea of doing a Conan-style live show came to mind, and because we weren’t sure we could come up with anything better, that’s what we decided to do.

At the time, we didn’t know who’d be on the show, how we’d make it happen, or even where we would record this whole thing — but we announced it to you all anyhow.

When we finally did decide a great venue for us was Happy Harbor Comics, it was time to “sell” tickets. We decided to do this very first live show free (with a Food Bank donation), because it’s a bit of an experiment. If for some reason the building explodes or it all goes wrong, we want the only thing to have asked of our audience is their time. I owe enough Cokes that I don’t need to start owing people actual money  — unless the building DOES explode, in which case I’ll owe you, like, a case of Coke.

When we made tickets available, Scott and I were both astonished and humbled. We know you listen to us, we know you read us sometimes, and we know you even occasionally talk to us on Twitter — but we were still surprised and happy when tickets sold at a break-neck pace.

The show’s been sold out now for over a week.

And we’ve done our very best to ensure you enjoy yourselves. Which is why we asked some guests to join us. Let’s face it, we know that Dana DiTomaso, Apocalypse Kow, Liam Crewick, Erica Viegas, Todd Babiak and Trent Wilkie are all way more entertaining than Scott and I. That’s why we’re taking full credit for inviting them.

If you’re at the show tonight, tweet as much as you can about it using the #tuslive hashtag. If you aren’t at the show, follow along online.

Scott and I will post the audio version of the show within a week, and we *might* even have a video version to share with you. We’ll see. Follow @unknownstudio on Twitter, too, as we preview what we’re doing throughout the day today.

Photo by Gregory Wild-Smith on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License. The Unknown Studio’s live show will not resemble this in any imaginable way.

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