The Live Show Season Finale | S03E18

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It’s Season Finale time, everyone!

We recorded this episode live in front of about 50 people in the back room of Happy Harbor Comics in downtown Edmonton. We had a great time doing the show thanks to our outstanding guests. You can actually see the full recap of the show thanks to the work Sandra Der did on Storify.

I’m not going to give you the full episode breakdown with time codes and such… Just discover it for yourself, my friends (oh and sorry about some of the sound levels — it was our first live show, after all)!

Huge thanks again to Jay and the crew at Happy Harbor, to Owen and the crew at Guru Digital Arts College, and to all our fabulous guests: Dana DiTomaso, Erica Viegas, Liam Creswick, Todd Babiak, Apocalypse Kow and Trent Wilkie. The show was a success because of you.

The podcast will return on September 12, with our season four premiere!

Click here to download the season finale show directly to your desktop.

Photo by Mack Male on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.


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