Carnivals, cops and truck-based comestibles | Edmonton Blog Watch

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Edmonton’s a city of two faces. In the winter, we tend to hunker down and hang on to get through those cold spells.More recently, people have decided that it isn’t enough to just hunker down and hang on, and now there are festivals and events to celebrate the long nights of that season.

Summer is when the city really comes alive, though. From old “classic” events like K-Days, to new pop-up events like What The Truck?!, there’s more than enough to keep citizens occupied during the spring and summer months. This week’s Edmonton Blog Watch is a great reflection of an Edmonton summer, one not bereft of people enjoying Festival City — with a healthy dose of controversy, just to keep us all engaged.

Here are just a few of the blog posts that I enjoyed reading last week, in no particular order. (Remember, if you come across Edmonton blogs you think are worthy of sharing here, fill out this handy form.)

Photo by Ian McKenzie on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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