Why Edmonton: an Essence of Edmonton update

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A few weeks back, I issued a challenge to Edmontonians to write, shoot video or somehow try to articulate the essence of Edmonton, since we’re all so bad at it right now. Two weeks later, and we’ve got a few terrific submissions from passionate Edmontonians that I wanted to share with you.

The first one came from “New Music” Michael Senchuk a few weeks ago. Mike wrote a blog that tries to distill the essence of the city, and also invokes some of the discussion around the K-Days/Capital Ex renaming. Here’s one of the highlights:

I’ve traveled throughout much of Canada and the United States, and even to other continents. And while I’m not sure Edmonton would be my favorite city I’ve been to in the world, it’s where I call home. And I’m proud to call it that. And when I think about Edmonton, there are two words that first come to mind. Its fortitude. And its perseverance. I can’t think of another city I’ve been to where it would be -30C for three or so days, and people would go outside without doing up their jackets. That’s Edmonton. Where we’re proud of how fast we can scrape the ice off our car windows in the morning. Where we exhale a long, deep breath, and can tell the temperature by the amount of steam vapour in our breath. It’s about a city where, when others praise the city, we just throw our hands up in the air. It’s at once a gesture of uber-Canadian modesty, that we can’t just accept the compliment and move on. But at the same time it’s about passionate patriotism, we so wish our city could be greater than it is.

Read the rest of Michael’s post.

The second post (that I’ve seen — thanks for tagging these things with #whyyeg on Twitter!) comes from Savvy Do-Gooder Nadine Riopel. She thinks one of the great things about the city is that you can “invent your own awesome.” From her post:

When I go out now, I often run into like-minded people whose company I enjoy. I don’t have to plan it – we just run in the same circles. It feels like a community. Social media has accelerated the process by allowing me to connect with these same like-minded folks online. This is often how I find out about things to do, places to eat, and the latest happenings around town. Edmonton did not start out as the perfect place for me, but all the ingredients were there. I had to put some work into it. A little time and a little persistence was all it took to find the elements that were just right.

Read the rest of Nadine’s post.

This is a great start. Let’s keep going!

Post a blog, shoot a video, record audio — do whatever you can to try to articulate what makes this place great. We need an elevator pitch, and who better to form one than the people who love this place? I’ll be recording my own #whyyeg video soon, and I hope you’ll contribute your own answer to the question: why Edmonton?

Photo by Sangudo on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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