Sponsor Saturday: A shoutout to our supporters

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With our first podcast of the season in the can, Scott and I are prematurely patting ourselves on our backs for a job well done. Josh Classen was a tremendous guest; it was nice to chat with him without having to talk about what many might have expected us to talk about: Josh’s job.

In any case, that episode and the ones that will follow this year and made possible because of the support we receive from our sponsors.

Focus Communications, run by Sue and Dean Heuman, is a local PR and events company. They’ve recently began blogging more regularly and there’s definitely content worth reading over on their website. One from Rae Thygesen talks about the lessons she’s learned as someone new to the PR world; and one from Sue Heuman on advertising. Thanks to Focus’s generous support, the Unknown Studio can keep on doing what it does.

Guru Digital Arts College just started its regular school year with a large intake of students. According to Executive Director Owen Brierley, it’s one of the College’s largest intakes in history. If you’re interested, they’ll be hosting an open house at the school’s new campus in the Mercer Building this coming Wednesday evening. And they have an exciting event coming in October that they’ll be announcing soon. Thanks to Guru for their support over the last few seasons, and for making us a part of their school with our dedicated recording studio.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the Unknown Studio, email theshow@theunknownstudio.ca. Among other things, you’ll get a banner ad on this website, a 30-second ad on the podcast and we’ll even babysit your kids!

Image by Marcos Ojeda on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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