Sponsor Sunday: Thanks Focus and Guru!

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The Unknown Studio is made possible by some pretty fantastic organizations run by equally (if not more) fantastic people. Every weekend, we’ll be thanking them (and you could be one of them, by the way) and letting you know what they’re up to.

Focus Communications recently joined us as one of our sponsors. Owned and operated by Sue and Dean Heuman, along with a cast of outstanding characters, Focus is responsible for some of the great stuff that happens in Edmonton. For example, if you attended Race Week which coincided with the Edmonton Indy, then you got a flavour of the kind of events Focus does here in Edmonton.

Guru Digital Arts College is a long-time sponsor of ours. They’re probably one of the best arts colleges in Alberta, focusing on digital media and really training their students to be prepared for work in the industry. This season, they’ve graciously provided the Unknown Studio with a place to record our shows. They’ve also given us the opportunity to open the studio up to other podcasters. They’re having an open house on September 19th at the school on 104 street. You should go and find out more about what they do.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the Unknown Studio, email theshow@theunknownstudio.ca. Among other things, you’ll get a banner ad on this website, a 30-second ad on the podcast and shout-outs wherever Scott and I happen to be!

Image by eskimo_jo on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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