The Nite is Nerd (and so are we)

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Over the summer, my friend Wade Kelly had a brainwave he shared with me: “I want to bring Nerd Nite to Edmonton,” he told me. My brow furrowed, I pointed out to Wade that, “I bring the ‘nerd’ every ‘night.’ Typically by playing 3 hours of Skyrim on my Playstation 3.”

“No, you idiot! Nerd Nite is a thing,” he said, clearly annoyed.

“I know dude, like I said: every night at my place!”

Exasperated, he threw up his hands and said, “I’ll send you a link.”

That was the genesis of Edmonton Nerd Nite (not to be confused with Nerds Night Out, which is a different event longer lived in this town all about web design and development. And if you can’t make our event, you should check out theirs!). Wade and I are bringing Nerd Nite to Edmonton to continue to raise the level of discourse in city.

A lot of other groups and people are doing this right now. Pecha Kucha is a great example of just such an event. But its format doesn’t necessarily allow for the sharing of insights that Nerd Nite does, particularly when topics require a lot more depth. TEDxEdmonton is another great event that brings together nerds and geeks of all kinds — but the topics aren’t necessarily of the “nerd” variety that many people crave.

So here we are: Edmonton Nerd Nite — a tailor made event just for you! The first of many, and one of over 50 such events taking place all over the world. We are the third Canadian city to host Nerd Nites (K-W and Toronto are the other two CanCon editions), and we’re very proud to do so. Also, very impressed and surprised: our event sold out in just a few days. You can check the details on what you’re missing on the Edmonton Nerd Nite website.

And you can rest assured that we’ll host one of these about every 4-6 weeks. The next one we’re aiming for will be end of November (and we’ll skip December, because even nerds need to get their Christmas cheer).

And if you’re missing tonight and you’re choked about it, no sweat. TELUS TV will be filming the evening and we’ll definitely have some video and some photos to share with you.

Image by Austin on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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One Response to “The Nite is Nerd (and so are we)”

  1. Jen Banks
    October 13, 2012 at 8:24 am #

    I had no idea it was going to be filmed. I have Telus TV and will check it out. Congrats on the new venture. I’m excited to get my nerd on.