A chat with SM Stirling | S04E05

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This past weekend, Scott ran the show on his own while I was away at a course in Calgary. His guest was author SM Stirling, one of the guests of honour at the annual Pure Speculation Festival. Check out the conversation Scott had with SM and enjoy the rest of the show!

0:00: Intro – “Scott’s Solo Show”
1:05: Signing cheques with SM and Jan Stirling
18:00: A Dramatic Reading of Precursors by TV Tropes with Scott C Bourgeois
22:15: Honeymoon stories with SM Stirling
33:10: Adam Rozenhart Unleashed: The Yeggies.com
38:53: So many books, so little time with SM Stirling
54:32: The Fast Fifteen with SM Stirling

Image by Jim H on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.


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