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The second Edmonton Nerd Nite is coming to the Haven Social Club this week. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet (a respectable $10 which includes a drink in the price), you should lest they sell out!

Our first Nerd Nite, which was hosted at the Gogo Lounge on 124th, sold out quickly. Nerd Nite #2 has already sold 50% more tickets than last time, and thanks to the use of a larger venue, we have a lot more room.

Like our previous event, variety is the secret to our success. On Thursday, you’ll hear from three Edmontonians talking about three very interested topics. Here’s the info, from the Nerd Nite Edmonton website:

Exo-lent Planets!
Abigail Stevens

Travelling to another world has long been a dream of humankind, and recently astronomers have added hundreds of so-called ‘exoplanets’ to the list of possible destinations. We also see representations of these exoplanets in sci-fi and fantasy, but how realistic are they? There are a variety of types of exoplanets, and some of them are even Earth-like. Together we’ll dive into the scientific literature to explore how exoplanets are formed, how scientists discover them, and if we could ever move to one.

Political Bias: The Red Pill
Rodrigo de la Jara

If you disagree with a story, is it biased? If a story is balanced, is it unbiased? What if a story comes from a partisan–is it automatically biased? At this point you might (understandably) be confused about what bias really is. It’s time to take the Red Pill. We’ll explore, from a scientific perspective, what bias really is, and how to detect it. We’ll also identify how to determine what experts or sources of information are trustworthy and why. Finally, we’ll look at how your decisions as a consumer of information can have life-or-death consequences.

Lauren Albrecht

What is sexagogy? The perfect combination of education! and titillation! In this presentation I will reconceptualize sexuality education for adults (yes, adults!) outside of the ‘all too familiar’ risk prevention model. I will challenge old-school notions of ‘sex ed’ (think: segregated classes, anatomy charts, and secret question boxes) by sharing my journey and my research on one of the fun, sexy and pleasure-focused spaces of sexuality education – the home sex toy party. So bring your three-ring binder, your list of naughty words, and an open mind – who knows, you might learn a thing or two!

There’s something for everyone. And if you don’t think there is, there’s also beer. Which is definitely for everyone. Hope to see you there!

Image of Nerd Nite Cambridge by Ben Sisto on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.

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