Oscar? I hardly know her! | S04E11

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It’s that time of year when Hollywood looks at itself, really looks at itself and asks, “How can we demonstrate in no uncertain terms that we must be celebrated for our greatness?”

It’s actually kind of like the Yeggies, but with, you know, star power. And actors. And Billy Crystal, though thankfully not as the host this year.

And they call them the 85th Annual Academy Awards.

And that’s really what this episode is all about. Featuring such film experts as Jay n J n Gregg Beever n Erin Bourne, we tackle the important issues: like how to host an Oscar party? Did Argo and Ben Affleck get snubbed? Why do we subject ourselves to a 3-hour telecast (23 hours, if you include the red carpet stuff)? And who will be named… BEST?

This lively discussion will make you laugh, cry, and laughcry, which is a condition for which you should seek medical attention.

And to top it all off, we ditch the Fast Fifteen in favour of Oscar Trivia Through The Ages.

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Image by Beacon Radio on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons License.


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