The fantastic horror of Edmonton | S04E12

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It this episode, Scott and I chat with Edmonton horror filmmaker Lindsey MacNeill. If you’ve ever been to the Next Act on more than one occasion, odds are Lindsey‘s brought you your beer. And while she’s slinging suds at one of Edmonton’s favourite watering holes, she’s also dreaming up screenplays.

One of Lindsey’s creations was turned into a TV show called Truckstop Bloodsuckers. And her next project is a film-length film she’s starring in called Gillian’s Just Right — and she needs her help to fund it. We talk with Lindsey about her latest venture, about filmmaking in Edmonton and about being horrifically delightful.

This episode also features the winner and our favourite pick from February’s Story Slam. This month is the annual Slam Off, so the third Wednesday of this month — the 20th — will be your opportunity to hear from the best storytellers of the year.

Image lifted directly from the title screen of the Gillian’s Just Right trailer.


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