Music to our ears and the Yeggies | S04E15

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A musician and a comedian walk into a recording studio. And the punchline for that is essentially 50 minutes of laughter. Sore abs and cheeks laughter.

In this episode, the exceedingly talented and delightful Erica Viegas joins Scott and I to chat about her forthcoming album, and the VIA Rail whistlestop tour she’s embarking on to take the album across Canada. Long-time listeners will recall that Erica’s been on our show several times, including for our season 3 finale live episode.

Listeners may also recall Trent Wilkie, who was our emcee at that show. He joined us in this episode as well, to discuss the forthcoming first-annual Yeggies (of which I am a founder and committee member). Trent is hosting, and he talks about what the night’s going to look like, and what’s gone into the Yeggies so far.

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