Breathing fire with Randy Brososky | S05E05

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There’s no escaping the weather in this town. It’s remarkable — that is, it’s worthy of remark. And so Scott and I do what we’re loathe to do, but have done for every single one of the episodes we’ve published so far this season: talk about the weather in Edmonton. But it gets better! From there, we cover a swath of topics, and get into a great conversation with our guest Randy Brososky.

We brought Randy on the show because, well, he asked (it’s that easy!). And also because he had a lot to talk about with us. So we got to know Randy’s background, his thoughts on Edmonton, and the work he does, to his true love: fire-breathing. You should get to know Randy, too. Right now. Press play.

We promise, you won’t hate it. (Click the link to read the blog we discussed with Randy.)

This episode was made possible by the amazing digital wizards at Guru Digital Arts College, and those fantastical noodle-slingers over at Oodle Noodle.


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