The Hound of the Baconville | S05E08

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We begin this latest episode of the show, predictably, with a conversation about the weather. We couldn’t not do it. When things warm up like this in March, you have to say SOMETHING.

But weather can’t be the only thing we talk about this episode, and it isn’t. In fact, we talk about food a lot. This is thanks in part to Phil Wilson, aka Baconhound. He’s on the hunt for the best burger in Edmonton, and he’s eaten about 14 burgers (or perhaps more) on his journey to finding the ultimate grilled-meat sandwich.

Find out what Phil’s discovered so far, and also hear an in-depth conversation about tipping, all on the latest episode of the Unknown Studio.

Photo by Robyn Wilson, author of Joyful Follies and wife to Baconhound.


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