A ‘Knack’ for local government | S05E10

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They say the third time’s a charm. Nothing could be closer to the truth for rookie City Councillor Andrew Knack. Representing Ward 1 in Edmonton, Councillor Knack took two previous runs at representing the ward before he landed a huge win the third time around, just this past October.

In this episode of the Unknown Studio, Scott and I chat with the new councillor about the transition to working on City Council, the issues that hit his inbox on a weekly or daily basis, and the one-sided rivalry for most e-mails received in a day — which Councillor Amarjeet Sohi is currently winning, hands down.

We also make an alarming number of puns on Councillor Knack’s last name, and discuss — you guessed it — the weather.

Image by TheLocalGood.ca.


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