The Unknown Studio Kitchen Party at BT Edmonton

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to the Unknown Studio, as Adam and I record live from an episode of Breakfast Television to wrap up their Bloggers Week! As with last time, we’re live blogging the morning to keep a living archive of the insanity that happen behind the scenes on television.

6:20: Bridget Ryan comes over to ask about podcasts. Adam tells her which ones to listen to, mentions every other podcast but our own.

6:24: Setting up for a spot on television! Scott fusses over his hair. Adam fusses over his beard.

6:29: First segment done. Scott feels good. Adam feels sexy.

6:31: Adam realizes the oranges on set aren’t real. After trying to eat one. This morning is off to a good start.

6:32: SAY WHAT!?

6:35: If you’re wondering, Scott’s t-shirt has this on it: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

6:38: Adam discusses math with one of the production crew. He’s on the losing end of the conversation.

6:43: Scott and Adam talks about James Bond for several minutes. It was a veritable “James Bonding” moment.

6:44: We are looking busy in the background as Ryan throws to commercial. We’re actually not doing anything except naming food and pretending.

6:47: Adam discusses how surprisingly busy Ryan is. Scott declares that Ryan is the MC of every Edmonton morning. There is agreement.

6:50: Another live hit with Ryan. We talk about the #yeggies, and social media in Edmonton. Totally name drop Brittney Le Blanc.

6:54: At this point of the morning, Adam and Scott are full of coffee and declare themselves Kings and Queens of the Stone Age.

6:56: Scott laments that there aren’t any croissants provided to guests this time. Adam tries to eat one of the oranges again.

7:00: Scott realizes Adam and Ryan are both dressed up and he looks like a goddamned slob. Shame. Deep shame.

7:02: Ryan sets up a segment with an 11-year-old who’s better than them in every conceivable way.

7:03: Adam and Scott snag upcoming guest Hannah Alper to talk to on the show, totally SCOOPING Ryan.

7:12: Nice mini interview with Hannah, who – confirmed – is more awesome than either Scott OR Adam. Check out her blog at

7:14: Ryan starts his interview with Hannah. A reminder we technically interviewed her first.

7:19: Adam feels like he’s been emasculated by an 11-year-old girl. Decrees he hopes to accomplish half of what she’s achieved in 11 years in his entire life.

7:26: There is a lengthy break as Adam accidentally breaks the internet. All of it.

7:28: A discussion with Ryan about Edmonton’s malls. It’s heated, but ends with a mention about Popbar opening in Edmonton, which cools everyone down.

7:30: Cody the Cameraman shows off his awesome photoblog: Check it out!

7:38: We take a moment to talk with Cody about lighting. He knows more about lighting and photos than Scott or Adam know about anything.

7:39: Adam begins snooping in the cupboards and dishwasher in the kitchen set. He discovers terrible, secret things. Things that cannot be spoken of, lest you run screaming into the night, leaving behind the modest trappings of human civilization. Also, dishes.

7:44: Ryan does a hit from what he calls the “junk corner.”

7:45: Due to an overwhelming crush of new visitors to the site, it abruptly crashes. Scott and Adam switch to live tweeting.

7:51: It’s birthday time. There’s a birthday dance going on here. No word of a lie.

7:52: About to do another live hit with Jespo. We may name drop some fellow podcasters.

7:55: Name dropping Jay Runham, James Leask and Brandon Schatz live on television. YOU’RE WELCOME.

8:02: Checking out the Native Delights food truck as it pulls up. Bannock burgers!? Yeeesssssssssss please!

8:06: There is a long and terrible pause. It’s in control of the conversation now. We are its slaves.

8:07: Scott forgot to add and to the end of the last tweet and has been fired. Out of a cannon.

8:17: Adam declares Scott the “digital cupid” of Edmonton. Shooting arrows into the butts of people. For love. Also for arrowing.

8:18: Adam is still thinking about the new Popbar opening in Edmonton. He’s been talking about it all morning.

8:21: The silly hour is here. It opens with Adam and Scott nervous about going to the bathroom wearing a mic.

8:30: Scott and Adam are invited out to sample the Native Delights. With mouths and bellies full of delicious food, the morning of wonders at Breakfast Television comes to an end! Thanks for sharing it with us! Listen to the podcast Wednesday to hear what you missed BEHIND THE SCENES!


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