We’re returning for our sixth season!

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The Unknown Studio has been, how do you say…? Absent from its typical season launch. Normally, we’d throw up our first episode of the season at the beginning of September. However, given vacation schedules this year, we decided to delay. But that delay comes to an end next week.

Highlighting Edmonton

Scott and I are back in the recording studio this weekend. Our goal this year is the same as it has been for the last five: to bring you interesting, unusual or amazing stories of Edmontonians doing good works.

In our first episode, we’ll be speaking with Ramin Ostad, one of the organizers of the ExtraLife fundraiser here in Edmonton. Ramin is also the co-creator of the erstwhile “User Created Content” podcast.

Suggest guests

We have a shortlist of people we’d like to have on the show, but we also want your suggestions. It’s hard to keep our fingers on the pulse of interesting stories that take place in the city. Because we only have, between us, 19 fingers. (Don’t ask.)

So, please, email us if you have a guest suggestion, or even just a show idea. We are all ears. And fingers.

Sponsor our show

Every year we look for sponsors, and over the years we’ve been supported by terrific Edmonton businesses, including:

Scott and I are very fortunate that we run a low-cost operation. But in order to do some of the things we’d like — like provide drinks for our guests, purchase swag, and run contests — we need a little bit of dough.

So we’re looking for sponsors — to the tune of $250 per month — to sponsor the show. We’ll talk about your business on the show, we’ll do up a 30-second ad for you that will run on the show, we’ll post your digital ad here on our website, and we’ll even make ourselves available to emcee events for you. Not a bad value for a podcast that gets downloaded over 2,500 times per month! Email us if you’d like to sponsor us, even if it’s for one month.

We’re also looking at adding a donation function to the site, so our listeners can vote with their wallets. We’ll be posting about that soon enough.

Thanks to our listeners

We’ve kept the Unknown Studio going because of you, our listeners. Some of you email us, some of you tweet us, but all of your support us by listening. We do this show for you as much as ourselves. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for continuing to support us.

See you next week with brand-spanking new content!

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