A new Edmonton comic book store! | S06E14

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This episode, we invited Brandon Schatz and Danica Le Blanc — two of the three owners of Edmonton’s newest comic store (and the drunken minds behind the Doctor Whooch podcast) — to tell us what Variant Edition will be bringing to the city of Edmonton.

Located in Oliver, and having their grand opening on May 2nd (which is also free comic book day), Variant Edition is approaching comic books sales differently. Listen to find out more!

Here’s a round-up of links we mentioned on the episode:

Legislative Assembly of Cards

Legislative Assembly of Cards/House of Cards side-by-side

The Mary Sue article on MRAs at Calgary Expo

The Hugo Awards Controversy

Image by Sam Howzit on Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license



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One Response to “A new Edmonton comic book store! | S06E14”

  1. Emil Tiedemann
    May 21, 2015 at 4:03 pm #

    Hi guys!

    I was listening to your most recent podcast and heard you talk about a live event you guys want to do at the end of your season! It sounds awesome, and I would love to buy a ticket…do you have any information yet on when & where this will be?!

    P.S. I swear I’m not a diva, and thank you for having I Heart Edmonton listed on your sidebar, but the link is incorrect (www.iheartedmonton.org)…no worries, just wanted to make sure you knew I was not extinct, lol! Love what you do, keep doing it!!


    Emil Tiedemann,
    I Heart Edmonton