Ryan Jespersen, from television to radio | S06E13

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For as long as I’ve woken up early to watch morning television (which is really only 5-6 years if I’m honest), Ryan Jespersen has been a mainstay on CityTV‘s Breakfast Television. But in December he announced he’d be trading TV cameras for radio microphones.

In mid January, Ryan startedĀ a new job as the host of aptly named Ryan Jespersen Show on 630 CHED. So Scott and I sat down with the soon-to-be-fatherĀ to talk about the transition from early mornings to less early mornings, and the differences between radio and television.


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One Response to “Ryan Jespersen, from television to radio | S06E13”

  1. Ida
    May 6, 2015 at 6:49 am #

    Here is a copy of the letter that I just sent to Jim Prentice:

    Thank you for single handedly ruining Alberta by calling for an early election that was unwanted and unnecessary because you thought you had no competition. You actually didn’t but our disgust at your choices made us choose anything but the status quo.

    The NDP will quickly make Alberta a have not province and you and your ego will always be recorded in our history books as the premier that enabled our demise. I certainly understand why you stepped down immediately.