About the hosts

Scott C. Bourgeois — the ‘straight’ man

scott-bioScott was born in Red Deer, but within a week wanted out, and so was whisked away to St. Albert where he began a new life with a new family.

At an early age, Scott drove teachers insane with his inability to remain focused on trivial things like math and science, but loved to read and use his imagination. Soon, playing make-believe in the playground evolved into playing make-believe on stage, and Scott became a member of the prestigious St. Albert Children’s Theatre, all at the tender the age of 16. Graduating from High School, Scott went on to spend a few years in the workforce before getting sick of it.

Having become further interested in theatre, Scott went to university, taking English because that seemed like the logical choice at the time. Suffice to say that didn’t expand his theatre horizons, but did segue into journalism. This brought Scott into the Gateway, and his first fateful meeting with Adam Rozenhart, his future co-host. They may have said “hello” to each other once. Immediately upon leaving the University of Alberta, and the Gateway newspaper, Scott got his dream job: working at a board game store. Eventually the honeymoon ended, however, and Scott found himself back in journalism, working in news radio.

At this stage in his life, Scott is content to call himself an Edmonton social media personality, and has a keen interest in learning more about his city, and how to make it better. Granted, his only skill is talking to people, but somehow, he’s made that marketable.

Outside of work, Scott is a social butterfly, enjoying the company of friends. He also likes board, video and role-playing games and devotes way too much time to them. He is recently married to his long-time other-half, Anita

Adam Rozenhart — the ‘slightly-warped’ man

adamAdam is a born-and-raised Edmontonian. He spent most of his upbringing in one of the city’s sprawling west-end neighbourhoods. There he learned how to get away with things: under-aged drinking, under-aged drug-use, under-aged snow-shoveling and lawn-mowing at the behest of his dad… you know the drill.

In spite of all of these under-aged odds stacked against him, Adam managed to squeak by in University, earning himself a degree in something or other, which is only slightly relevant to his current employment and side projects. But he enjoyed university. So much so that he stayed there for a Van Wilder-esque six years so he could keep working at the Gateway newspaper there.

When it finally came time to leave, Adam was a burned-out husk of a man. So he got a real job. In accounting.

He eventually landed a much different job doing lots of web work — a sort of new media homage to the ink-stained wretchery of his Gateway days. When he isn’t working (which is rare), Adam’s out skiing, biking, hiking, playing video games, and harassing the five animals he lives with, two of which are human.

Adam is aware that “wretchery” is not a word.