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New beginning, birthdays and bike lanes | Edmonton Blog Watch

Change is the name of the game this week. Changes to people’s blogs, literally changes on our roads, and even changes to our ages. And, just to add fuel to the change fire, I’m writing this from Calgary! But one thing you can rest assured of is this:┬áif you come across anything interesting in the […]

New podcast, heterosexism and filling in for Hipster | Edmonton Blog Watch

There’s a lot going on in the small but brilliant slice Edmonton new media we all occupy. People are baring their souls, others are starting up new ventures, and others are taking breaks. And others still are cranking our great content. It’s an ever-shifting landscape, for sure. And I’ve pulled some of my favourite pieces […]

Oilers, earrings and lights | Edmonton Blog Watch

The big story last week seemed to be the anticipation for the launch of an actual [albeit shortened] NHL season. But that wasn’t all! Last week say some really interesting and riveting content published by Edmontonians. You guys all make it pretty difficult to compile my favourites. But I’ve done my level best, just like […]

Twittersphere, Alberta’s budget, and being a dad | Edmonton Blog Watch

When your girlfriend dislocates her knee, and both of your vehicles are in various states of being stuck and non-functional, hijinks ensue. But not the best kinds of hijinks. It’s true, my lady friend needed looking after right before the weekend, and because she had to stay off her leg for a few days after […]