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Premier bully

Dave, an acquaintance of mine from the university, has been threatened by Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach for registering “” and using it as a redirect to his blog. Before this threat letter, he had had no contact with the premier’s office. Snippet: This letter was sent to me regarding my ownership of the domain name […]


I’ve always been enamoured of this symbol. When hiking was a weekend ritual for me a few years back, I would create one along the way, or at the terminal end of a hike to signify my having been there. Fitting, then, that the word inukshuk translates to “substitute for a person.” Inuksuit differ from […]

An open letter to my Blackberry

Dear Mobile Phone, We’ve known each other for about three months now, and I think it’s safe to say that we’re pretty good friends. You connect me to people, remind me I have things to do, and you even finish my sentences for me. But there’s something you really ought to realize by now: I almost never […]

Coming of age?

An email from my mother this morning gave me pause. My grade one teacher, Mme. Johnson, passed away. She was two years younger than my mum. Mme. Johnson died after a hard-fought battle with breast cancer. It is with sadness that we acknowledge the death of Evelyn Johnson. Evelyn began with Edmonton Catholic Schools in […]