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The FML Friday Grab-Bag

Celebrating Catholicism on FML Friday

The religious and secular world is abuzz with papal news. Seriously, you’d think the Stanley Cup was happening. Not since the last Pope was elected by Jesus himself have we seen so much coverage of the Catholic religion. And this week’s FML Friday honors Catholics — well, features them, anyhow — because let’s face it: […]

Excess baggage on FML Friday

Hey everyone! I just returned from a two month, 4000 km overland journey through Central America. Although I am beginning to reacclimatize to life in Edmonton, I still have travel on the brain. Travel can bring about some of the best things life has to offer. We learn things about ourselves, tackle new cultural and […]

Hot pot of coffee on FML Friday

Nothing beats a strong, black, unaltered cup of coffee in the morning to shake those cobwebs out of your brains. None of this sugar nonsense; none of this cream bullshit. Just pure, unadulterated coffee-bean essence suspended in life-giving water, heated to an obscene and dangerous temperature, pouring down the soft tissue of your throat to […]

Ruining the movies on FML Friday

*Note to readers: Please be sure to read this in the stuffiest British accent you can muster up* Hello regular Unknown Studio readers, my name is Jay. You may recognize me from such podcast episodes as last Season’s “Oscar, meet Jay n’ J.”, Season 2’s “Summer blockbusters”, or my own podcast Jay n’ J. I […]

Mystical horned equines on FML Friday

I went unicorn hunting. Not to kill them, oh my no! But just to actually find some and see if they were real. And I think I can tell you, beyond any doubt, that unicorns are a mythical creature that no one has seen. For possibly centuries. Except in some strange forms as described below […]