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Rollercoaster thrill rides on FML Friday

I remember the first time I rode a grown-up rollercoaster  Not one of those baby things that’s basically like a poorly-designed train, mind you. But a proper, balls-in-your-throat rollercoaster. I made a sort of “Hnnnnnghnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnghnnnnnnnnagh” sound the whole time, and when it was all over, it felt like Kathy Bates had gone all Misery on my knees. […]

A visit from the police on FML Friday

To serve and protect, it says on the sides of the car. And yet, often people have nothing but bad things to say about the police. Not unlike these poor bastards below. Their police experiences were less than wholesome. That’ll teach them to be on the wrong — or at least, not the right — […]

Elevator action on FML Friday

I got stuck on an elevator once. I actually talked about it on our Christmas podcast. I was trapped with a bunch of people, including my friend Jess. She’s afraid of red-headed men, and lo and behold, the elevator was also occupied by a red-headed man. It was funny for me, terrifying for her. We […]

The dangers of bananas on FML Friday

The banana: a simple, versatile fruit delicious on cereal or mashed into bread form. You can safely feed bananas to your toothless grandpa or place them on the floor to inflict hilarious physical tragedies upon friends and family. Yes, bananas are nature’s tasty crescent shaped miracle. They even prove the existence of God, says Hollywood […]

The end of the Zzzzzz on FML Friday

The end is Billy Nye the Science Guy and all anyone thinks about is their stuff. I think that everyone’s power is out as if they were acclimating themselves to a life without stuff. You can still have stuff without power. What do you think was the original TV? Flames. Magic combustion I think you […]