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The sun sets on

Makin’ Whoopee tomorrow morning…

Just a quick update. The very excellent hosts of CJSR 88.5 FM’s Tuesday morning show “Makin’ Whoopee” are having Scott and I on their show tomorrow! At 8:06am — and I’m serious, we’ll be on right after the BBC news — Scott and I will join Chad and Colin for their special brand of early-morning […]

The terrible twos: celebrating a local media gem

It’s not everyday someone turns two. You might even say it only happens once in a lifetime. And while most douchebag children get a chance to experience this milestone, it’s nothing but hard work, perseverance, sticktoitiveness, and other ridiculous made-up phrases and portmanteaux that allow a hyperlocal podcast to mark the occasion. Our colleagues from […]

This just in: weird move, old media!

I received word today that one of my favourite local television personalities, Global Edmonton’s Lynda Steele — host of the Early news co-anchor of the News Hour — has abandoned her popular Twitter account. No reason was immediately given by Steele or Global. And as someone with a vested interest in social media, as someone […]