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Alberta, you magnificent douchebag

Crowdsourcing for creative

Some of our readers will know that I work for an advertising agency here in Edmonton. It’s called Calder Bateman. We work with a wide variety of clients from retail, to hospitality, to not-for-profit, to government. I’m posting off-topic today because of a new campaign we’re working on. Most recently, we’ve undertaken a campaign for […]

No Respect

It’s been a busy week! And let’s be frank, it’s because the election is drawing near, and just like with Christmas or Halloween, there’s plenty to do. There’s a part of me that loves election time. The drama, the debate, the politics – it’s exciting to watch. The thing is, there’s also a part of […]

Decade in review: the tops

This is the time of year when newspapers, TV stations, blogs, and essentially any other broadcast outlet will produce their Top # List of the Best/Worst/Weirdest Movie/Album/Events/News stories/Stuff of the Decade. And while this is a somewhat cliché tradition, it’s still a valid one, since human beings are genetically wired to really enjoy a good […]