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Episode the Tenth: Edmonton Hauntings and Scary Stories

Scott and I recorded our tenth episode with writer and journalist Marliss Weber, the second woman we’ve ever had on the show. She would also prove the scariest. We spent about an hour in the studio talking about hauntings in Edmonton, and boy-howdy, are there ever a lot. We barely started to scratch the surface. […]

Episode the Ninth: Post-Partisanism and the Perils of Politics

In this week’s episode, Scott and I sat down with Dave Cournoyer and Duncan Wojtaszek to discuss “the deal” with Canadian politics. What is it that keeps voters away from the polls? Why is there such a disconnect between voters and politicians? Is there any hope for the electoral and governance systems in Alberta and […]

Episode the Eighth: Pure Speculation, Science Fiction and You

On this, the most recent episode of the Unknown Studio (eight! eight episodes! Scott never believed in us!), Mr. Scott C. Bourgeois and I interview Brent Jans, the festival director of Edmonton’s Pure Speculation Science Fiction Festival. Also called Pure Spec by nerdy and geeky stalwarts (we love you guys!), the festival is happening for […]

Episode the Seventh: Professional Hockey, the Oilers and Working in the Business

This episode, Scott and I spent an hour with sports journalist Dan Tencer, who works for 630 CHED in Edmonton as the host of Inside Sports. Dan took us through his thoughts on the Edmonton Oilers and how they’ll fare this year with few roster changes, big coaching changes, and a sense of excitement he’s […]

Episode the Sixth: Bugs and the City of Edmonton and You

In this episode, Adam and I talk to Edmonton-based entomologist Peter Daly. His job involves bugs, and that’s good because he loves them almost as much as he loves talking about them. Peter discusses the pests we deal with in Edmonton, common misconceptions about insects and spiders, and generally shows off how much smarter than […]

Episode the Fifth: First-time Fringe playwrights

In our fifth episode, Scott and I interview young playwrights Simon Crowley and Mike Young. They’re participating in Edmonton’s International Film Festival this year with their one-act play Captain Hook vs. the Zombies. We spent about a a half hour chatting with Simon and Mike about what it’s like to be first time Fringers, how […]