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Episode the Fourth: Massively Multiplayer Videogames and the People Who Ruin Them

In this episode, Scott and I speak to a man who goes by the name of Scott Lilwall, a journalist whose actions in the game Ultima Online resulted in direct changes to the game’s rules and policies. We talk to Lilwall about his history with MMORPGs and how these types of games can ruin your […]

Episode the Third: Better storytelling, videogames or movies?

In this week’s episode, Adam and Scott discuss which medium — videogames or movies — make for greater storytelling engines. In order to tackle this weighty issue, we summoned local experts Anita Kuny and Ramin Ostad. From inside the belly of a whale, we argued, fought, fussed, and consumed various quantities of very poor Canadian […]

Episode the Second: Edmonton – a city on the grow

Coming at you sort of live from an abandoned cabin in the woods… On our second episode of the Unknown Studio, Scott C. Bourgeois and I talk to Don Iveson, Edmonton City Councillor for Ward 5. Our topics: smart growth, transit-oriented development, the Fraser Institute, and hilarious trivia. As always, spread the love if you […]

Episode the First: Social Media and Truthiness

This is our first crack at an ongoing project called the Unknown Studio. This episode — recorded from a derelict oil rig off the coast of Nova Scotia — we talk to Brittney Le Blanc from about social media, particularly Twitter. Why it’s good, why it’s bad, why “gurus” and “experts” can bite us. […]