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Am I the only one who likes food pictures on the Internet?

Yolky goodness

Forget about how important it is, breakfast is easily my favourite meal of the day regardless of its metabolism-igniting benefits. And one of my favourite parts of breakfast is eggs. Such a strange and versatile thing, eggs. Easy to mess up if you over-cook them (ie, rubbery scrambled garbage) or accidentally break the yolk (ie, […]

Hitting the Links – Saturday, August 13th, 2011

Welcome to another “Hitting the Links,” fellow Internauts. I will be spending the next week firmly entrenched in my various Edmonton International Fringe Festival projects. You should check out both the stage play I’m in, as well as the nightly improv show. The improvisational comedy show in particular might be up your alley. But before […]

Hitting the Links – Saturday, July 30th, 2011

It turns out it’s HARD keeping to a regular schedule sometimes. Specifically, I really do intend for the Hitting the Links feature to go up every Saturday. But the fact is I’m busy and it’s just been difficult. So I apologize for not getting one up last week. But fear not, faithful Internauts, for we’re […]

Hitting the Links – Saturday, July 16th, 2011

It’s Saturday, and that means its time for another stroll through the fairways of the digital world. Earlier this week, local Internet Mack Male wrote about link roundup posts, and I’m happy to say that Hitting the Links made the cut for a mention. He also spoke about how he enjoys these little roundups, even […]