Big ideas, Little Brick | S06E12

When I met Nate Box, he hadn’t even opened his first café yet. He’s now working on opening his fourth. Nate’s success, and that of his partners, is astonishing. So when he announced he’d be opening up a café in a historic home in the community of Riverdale, we knew we had to have him […]

Necessary Evil with Randy Brososky | S06E10

When Randy Brososky realized he had the opportunity to get a project he’d been thinking about for years funded, he nearly didn’t jump at the chance. But with just a week to submit a pitch, he launched into action. A few months and a $10,000 grant later, the pilot of Necessary Evil was born. Scott […]

Another ill-informed Oscar show | S06E09

It’s time for another ill-informed Oscar show! Especially given that Scott and I have only seen one of the best-picture-nominated films. So to fill the void, we invited Gregg Beever one of two Inglorious Hipsters, and Mark Jowett the twisted mind behind Deed The Inky, to join us and share their predictions. What happens next […]

Friends Without Benefits | S06E08

NOTE: we had some recording equipment issues, which resulted in less-than-awesome sound for our interview. We fixed it up as best we could. Our apologies to our guests and you, our listeners. Scott sat down with… well, me. And also Trent Wilkie and Andrea Beça from Friends Without Benefits, a new sketch comedy group we’ve […]

Pogoing around town | S06E07

If you’ve been in Edmonton’s Downtown or Whyte Avenue areas in the last few months, you’ve might have seen a few branded vehicles cruising around. The branding, in bright orange, says, “Pogo CarShare.” A new form of shared transportation has arrived in the city (and no, we’re not talking about Uber). Scott and I sat down with two […]