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Another ill-informed Oscar show | S06E09

The Ill-informed Oscar Show | S05E07

People love talking about movies — whether they’re according-to-Hoyle qualified to or not. And we’re no different. But Scott and I aren’t going to deign to talk movies on our own, oh no! In this episode, we chat Oscars with Mark Jowett, Gregg Beever, and Erin Bourne — variously regulars on the Inglorious Hipsters podcast […]

Oscar? I hardly know her! | S04E11

It’s that time of year when Hollywood looks at itself, really looks at itself and asks, “How can we demonstrate in no uncertain terms that we must be celebrated for our greatness?” It’s actually kind of like the Yeggies, but with, you know, star power. And actors. And Billy Crystal, though thankfully not as the […]

Oscar, meet Jay n J | S03E11

What do you get when you put 4 movie buffs 2 movie buffs who host a local movie podcast, and 2 fair-weather movie two who also host a podcast, and often talk about movies on it in a room together? You get this episode! Joining us for our annual Oscar show are Jordan and Jay from the Jay ‘n […]