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All good things | S07E07

Breathing fire with Randy Brososky | S05E05

There’s no escaping the weather in this town. It’s remarkable — that is, it’s worthy of remark. And so Scott and I do what we’re loathe to do, but have done for every single one of the episodes we’ve published so far this season: talk about the weather in Edmonton. But it gets better! From there, […]

Podcast over Pints | S05E04

There’s nothing like having a chat with your pals over bottomless pints at the local watering hole. In fact, it’s such a fun time that it’s the concept for Adam McGale’s podcast “The Pub.” The 12-episode podcast series just wrapped up its first season, so Scott and I invited Adam into the Unknown Studio to chat […]

Pure fun with Pure Spec | S04E04

Holy hell, ladies and gentlemen, it’s been far too long since Scott and I have been together recording at the Unknown Studio. But wait, what’s this? A new episode? A NEW EPISODE! This week, in the studio with us was a gentle man named “Gentle” Stan Woo, one of the organizers of the 7th annual Pure […]

Oscar, meet Jay n J | S03E11

What do you get when you put 4 movie buffs 2 movie buffs who host a local movie podcast, and 2 fair-weather movie two who also host a podcast, and often talk about movies on it in a room together? You get this episode! Joining us for our annual Oscar show are Jordan and Jay from the Jay ‘n […]