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A Live, Very Podcast-y Variety Show | S06E16

Come to our LIVE season finale!

We’ve decided to record our season finale before a live audience! We’re calling it our Live, Very Podcast-y Variety Show! Live at The Club in Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre on Monday, June 29th at 7:30pm (doors at 7!), the show will feature music by Apocalypse KOW, comedy by Clare Belford, an interview with Karen Unland, former […]

The Live Show Season Finale | S03E18

It’s Season Finale time, everyone! We recorded this episode live in front of about 50 people in the back room of Happy Harbor Comics in downtown Edmonton. We had a great time doing the show thanks to our outstanding guests. You can actually see the full recap of the show thanks to the work Sandra […]

Well, here goes something completely different

A few months ago, Scott and I drank at a bar and tried to think of a clever way to cap off the third season of the Unknown Studio. The idea of doing a Conan-style live show came to mind, and because we weren’t sure we could come up with anything better, that’s what we decided […]