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GOBFest: #yeg’s boardgame festival | S06E11

Game Review Corner: Master Thieves

Now, I consider my game collection to be somewhat precious. It’s taken a lot of work to make it as awesome as it is, and I’m rather proud of it. So, I sometimes wonder, would someone dare to steal it? And the answer is invariably no. For board games are not considered precious to most […]

Game Review Corner: Citadels

Some time ago, Adam suggested that I start reviewing the games I’ve amassed over decades of being a total geek. I recall saying at the time, “that’s a terrible idea. It will take years.” And here we are, almost a year since my first game review, and my point is essentially proven. So, with that, […]

Episode the Eighth: Pure Speculation, Science Fiction and You

On this, the most recent episode of the Unknown Studio (eight! eight episodes! Scott never believed in us!), Mr. Scott C. Bourgeois and I interview Brent Jans, the festival director of Edmonton’s Pure Speculation Science Fiction Festival. Also called Pure Spec by nerdy and geeky stalwarts (we love you guys!), the festival is happening for […]