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Our 6th Annual Christmas Gift Exchange | S06E06

Santa Claus came to town | S05E03

It’s Christmas time, a special time at the Unknown Studio. Every year, Scott and I do a Christmas episode. Sometimes this means bringing guests in who have interesting Christmas stories, work with Christmas charities, or just want to spread that good Christmas cheer. This year, it meant talking to a legitimate mall Santa, played by […]

T’was an Unknown Christmas | S03E07

Merry Christmas, everyone! In this very special Christmas episode of the Unknown Studio, Scott and I chat with Jonn and Sam, two of the creators of the Edmonton: A City podcast segment. And wouldn’t you know it, but they have a segment in this very episode! There’s also some other tidbits in here from Scott […]

Watch This: Christmas Movies 2

A year ago, Adam and I gave a thoughtful look at some of the classic Christmas movies that make the very cocklesĀ  of our hearts glow with warmth. We shared our memories of the wonderful, quirky and funny films that fill our holiday season with joy and laughter. And you bastards complained and complained about […]