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To live-tweet or not to live-tweet

Lo-fi Electioneering | S02E10

Welcome to the tenth episode of our second season, our official Edmonton Election 2010 Wrap-up show! Scott and I decided to pull together a few different interviews with perspectives inside and outside of city hall… So you might even call this our “Contemporary Edmonton Politics Episode.” Except it’s just not very snappy. Here’s the show […]

YXD addendum: a letter of explanation from my city councillor

I was obviously happy with the decision Edmonton City Council made about the downtown airport. And even though I didn’t receive a response to my letter from both of my city representatives at the time (only an acknowledgment from Councillor Jane Batty), I received a lengthy and well-thought-out justification for the decision from Ben Henderson, […]

Clang, clang, clang

I usually think Edmonton Journal writer Scott McKeen is a goofy blowhard. He’s like a peacock: all showy and whatnot, but when it comes to actually flying? Foggedabadit! However, McKeen wrote a great column this morning derided what he anticipates Edmonton City Council will do about ETS trolley buses: keep them. His point is that […]