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Dawson Bridge Watch™: ‘answers’ from the City

2017 Expo, or Expon’t?

Yesterday, amidst much fanfare and hoopla and speeches about “the future of the city,” “legacy projects” and “other vagueries,” the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta jointly announced that they have officially submitted their Expo 2017 bid to Heritage Canada. Now, according to Tony Franceschini, chair of the Expo bid committee, it’s “time to […]

Episode the Sixth: Bugs and the City of Edmonton and You

In this episode, Adam and I talk to Edmonton-based entomologist Peter Daly. His job involves bugs, and that’s good because he loves them almost as much as he loves talking about them. Peter discusses the pests we deal with in Edmonton, common misconceptions about insects and spiders, and generally shows off how much smarter than […]