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Kikki: a planet worth visiting

Single at Valentine’s Day | S02E16

Well, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Have you ordered flowers? Bought chocolates? Are you going to eat them alone on the couch? Sad. This episode, our guest Felicia shares dating tips, and some key information about just how you should behave and dress for that important first date. Here’s the show breakdown: 0:00: Intro: “Nice tits” […]

[CONTEST]: Humiliation is fun!

We’ve all experienced those embarrassing moments. You know, something happens to you in front of a group of people and you experience a deep sense of mortification. This sense is immediately followed by instantaneous flashes in your brain of, “Why me?” and “If there was a sufficiently large rock I could crawl under right now, […]

You have one more day to win

Last week, we launched our first ever contest — for prizes even! Well, friends and listeners, this is a friendly reminder that you have but one more day to submit your iTunes review of the Unknown Studio. Feel free to tell us you love us or hate us — we don’t care! Either way you’ll […]

Write a review about Unknown Studio on iTunes and win!

I’m not going to lie to you, I love it when people talk about me. Good or bad, I’ve always been one of those people who craved the spotlight. Thankfully, aside from the few times I was threatened with libel lawsuits when I worked for the aforementioned Leaky Death Ship, when I have been in […]