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Daveberta and the state of Alberta politics | S06E03

New podcast, heterosexism and filling in for Hipster | Edmonton Blog Watch

There’s a lot going on in the small but brilliant slice Edmonton new media we all occupy. People are baring their souls, others are starting up new ventures, and others are taking breaks. And others still are cranking our great content. It’s an ever-shifting landscape, for sure. And I’ve pulled some of my favourite pieces […]

Pannekoeken, Oomax and the downtown arena | Edmonton Blog Watch

It’s beginning to¬†feel a lot like Christmas, nevermind¬†look. I’ve almost got all my shopping done, and have once again managed to not have a very stressful lead-up to the holidays. Having said that, there is one more work week before us, and I’m probably really tempting fate by saying “no worries.” But I digress. Last […]

Episode the Ninth: Post-Partisanism and the Perils of Politics

In this week’s episode, Scott and I sat down with Dave Cournoyer and Duncan Wojtaszek to discuss “the deal” with Canadian politics. What is it that keeps voters away from the polls? Why is there such a disconnect between voters and politicians? Is there any hope for the electoral and governance systems in Alberta and […]