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Spaceskydiving, beef and beloved newspapers | Edmonton Blog Watch

The Flu Episode | S03E09

When we were supposed to record our previous episode, Scott fell ill. Like, really ill. He was confined to his bed and ordered to drink endless cups of Gingerale, and not to record any podcasts, lest he throw up on our equipment. But we still had a whole bunch of segments we wanted to share […]

Paula-tics | S03E01

Welcome back, listeners, to a bright, new and shiny season of the Unknown Studio! [holds for applause.] We decided to kick off the season with a guest who barely needs an introduction. You might remember her from such newspapers as the Edmonton Journal. You may have even read some of her blog posts over at […]

Videogames with Ben Gelinas | S02E02

Welcome to the second episode of the second season of the Unknown Studio with guest Ben Gelinas! Here’s what this episode is all about: 0:00: Show intro (“Where’s Adam?”) 1:23: Part 1 – Interview with the Edmonton Journal’s videogame blogger Ben Gelinas 7:19: elm café, one month after launch 18:16: Part 2 – Interview with […]