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We’re returning for our sixth season!

Santa Claus came to town | S05E03

It’s Christmas time, a special time at the Unknown Studio. Every year, Scott and I do a Christmas episode. Sometimes this means bringing guests in who have interesting Christmas stories, work with Christmas charities, or just want to spread that good Christmas cheer. This year, it meant talking to a legitimate mall Santa, played by […]

We’re just on a break!

I’ll bet some of your are wondering where Scott and I are, and what we’re up to and WHY OH WHY haven’t we begun the 5th season of the Unknown Studio!? Truthfully, it’s been a busy summer for both of us. Scott’s swamped at work, and he’s got a few super-secret projects on the go. […]

A big Unknown Studio welcome…

Many of our regular listeners and readers will recall (you WILL recall, I demand it!) that we launched a contest at the end of August designed to bring new blood into the careening mass of weirdness we call The Podcast. We asked listeners to become contributors by pitching us segment ideas. Part of the reasoning was […]