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Full. Frontal. Nerdity. | S04E14

Good omens with Omar | S04E09

Sometimes a podcast is too good for me to go through it thoroughly for you and provide a breakdown. This is one of those podcasts. Last weekend, Scott and I spent some time with writer, journalist and lyricist Omar Mouallem. I’ve been reading Omar’s stuff in newspapers and magazines for years. I got to know […]

Girlfriends and Lesbros | S03E16

A new website launched in Edmonton a month or two ago, one created by and for lesbian, gay, transgendered, bi, and queer people… and “everyone in between.” The site is the brainchild of Terah Jans and Janelle Aker, who some of our listeners might recognize on yonder Twitters. IDigYourGirlfriend.com was originally just a Twitter account […]

Edmonton Story Slam: Slam-Off tonight!

Scott and I have been attending monthly Edmonton Story Slam events at the Haven Social Club for just over a year now. I’m not sure what it was that enticed us to start going, but from the first time we attended, we knew this was something special. We dug it so much, in fact, that […]

The Flu Episode | S03E09

When we were supposed to record our previous episode, Scott fell ill. Like, really ill. He was confined to his bed and ordered to drink endless cups of Gingerale, and not to record any podcasts, lest he throw up on our equipment. But we still had a whole bunch of segments we wanted to share […]