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New Planet Discovered! | S03E02

It’s true, scientists (not really) have discovered a new planet (sorta). A planet called Kikki. In this episode, we speak with Kathleen Smith (aka @kikkiplanet) about the launch of her new website this Friday. She’s an interesting woman, and she wants to share the interesting stories that make Edmonton a great place. Oh sure, she’s […]

Slamming with the best of them

We haven’t made a super-huge stink about this, but I’m going to do so now. For the last four or so months, Scott and I have been regularly going to the Haven Social Club. You can usually find us there the third Wednesday of every month. We’re there because we like applause. We like beer […]

Oscar-citement! | S02E17

Welcome to our second annual Oscar Extravaganza! Scott and I had so much fun chatting with our guests — Ashley Wiebe and Gregg Beever — that we were loathe to cut a whole lot out of this episode… So it’s pretty long (almost two hours)! But we have some great discussions in there, as well […]