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#Selfportraitmonday: the birth of a meme?

The casting of pods

I had the opportunity a few months ago to reconnect with former colleague Scott C. Bourgeois at a tweetup in Edmonton. We chatted, we drank, we discussed the various experiences we’ve had driving past — and indeed creating — roadkill. And certainly that was most of the discussion of the evening. That, and survival horror […]

Episode the First: Social Media and Truthiness

This is our first crack at an ongoing project called the Unknown Studio. This episode — recorded from a derelict oil rig off the coast of Nova Scotia — we talk to Brittney Le Blanc from iNews880.com about social media, particularly Twitter. Why it’s good, why it’s bad, why “gurus” and “experts” can bite us. […]

Why? Why!? WHY!?

So, I noted that I recently rejoined Facebook, although in a much more diminished capacity. I have not filled in any profile details about myself, and I’m being much more selective about who I befriend. Not because I’m a grouch, but because I’d prefer to maintain contact with those people in my life who are […]