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Now on Saturday! It’s FML Friday!

Don’t be a dipshit. It’s FML Friday

Do you take this Anatidae to be your wife? Oh no. You married the female equivalent of a bro! What’s that called? A douchebag? Listen, I know this is really troubling. You’re going to have to explain that face to a lot of people when they see your wedding photos, your honeymoon photos and every […]

Mini-eggs, Nazis and FML

Few things are better than the end of a long week. But for many of us, myself included, this is the end of the sort week — all because hundreds of years ago, rather nice man was nailed to a tree. As a result, we celebrate his life and death by eating small eggs in […]

We asked, you answered, it’s back: FML Friday!

A long while back, every Friday, we used to post an advice column for people who submitted their mundane woe-is-me, boo-hoo bullshit on FMyLife.com. We would pick three of the most hilarious, or mundane, or whatever FML submissions, and respond to them as though the person needed help with their “FML.” It was a weekly […]

[FML Friday]: Effin’ eh!

This week, we have a very special guest edition of FML Friday. I asked some of the Unknown Studio’s pals on Twitter to contribute their one FML responses, and we have two from our fans. @trevolutions and @mspixieriot join me this week in taking the mick out of some of the sad sacks who feel […]

FML Friday: Today, today, today

You know, I’ve been force-feeding myself these FMLs for the last month, all so I can provide their authors with a little bit of advice to avoid further cursing their own misfortune/stupidity. And one thing I’ve noticed that galls me is the fact that every single one begins with “Today,”. This would lead me to […]