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Hot pot of coffee on FML Friday

Ruining the movies on FML Friday

*Note to readers: Please be sure to read this in the stuffiest British accent you can muster up* Hello regular Unknown Studio readers, my name is Jay. You may recognize me from such podcast episodes as last Season’s “Oscar, meet Jay n’ J.”, Season 2’s “Summer blockbusters”, or my own podcast Jay n’ J. I […]

Don’t be a dipshit. It’s FML Friday

Do you take this Anatidae to be your wife? Oh no. You married the female equivalent of a bro! What’s that called? A douchebag? Listen, I know this is really troubling. You’re going to have to explain that face to a lot of people when they see your wedding photos, your honeymoon photos and every […]

[FML Friday]: Passing the buck

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a busy guy… a busy guy with a huge procrastination problem. In order to ensure that problem doesn’t get out of control, I’ve mastered the time-honoured skill of passing the buck. Which brings us to this week’s edition of FML Friday… Oh sure, I put it off again. But […]

[FML Friday]: Effin’ eh!

This week, we have a very special guest edition of FML Friday. I asked some of the Unknown Studio’s pals on Twitter to contribute their one FML responses, and we have two from our fans. @trevolutions and @mspixieriot join me this week in taking the mick out of some of the sad sacks who feel […]